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What is Attendance Allowance
Attendance Allowance (AA) is a benefit for people who are 65 years old or over who need help with personal care or supervision by day or someone to watch over them by night, because of physical or mental disability. The allowance is based on the help you need, not the help you actually get.
  • AA is not taxable, is not based on national insurance contributions and is not means-tested, so you won’t have to give details of your income or savings.
  • It is paid on top of any other benefits or pensions, other than Constant AA and War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement.

Who Qualifies for Attendance Allowance

To qualify for AA you must fulfil all the following conditions:

  •   be aged 65 or older
  •   satisfy one of the disability tests and have done so for 6 months (but if you are terminally ill there are special rules )
  •   not be subject to immigration control.You normally have to be habitually resident in the UK when you make your claim and have to have been in the UK for at least 104 weeks out of the last 156 weeks. These residence tests may not apply to you if:
  •   you are applying under the special rules for terminally ill people
  •   you can be treated as having been in the UK while abroad – this applies to service personnel and some people from EEA states. If the latter you must be covered by the co-ordination rules and be able to demonstrate a genuine and sufficient link to the UK social security system – seek advice if this applies
  •   you are a UK citizen who is living in an EEA state or Switzerland and you have a genuine and sufficient link to the UK social security system – for example you receive a UK State Pension.

How to claim

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