What is Attendance Allowance
Attendance Allowance is extra money to help with your care needs if you’ve reached pension age and you have an illness or disability.
  • Attendance Allowance is a tax-free benefit. You’ll be exempt from the Benefit Cap so you won’t have money taken away from any other benefits.
  • Claiming Attendance Allowance might also mean you’re entitled to extra help – for example, you might qualify for a council tax reduction (this depends on your personal circumstances).

Who can claim

You should apply for Attendance Allowance if you have a disability or illness and need help or supervision throughout the day or at times during the night (even if you don’t currently get that help):

  • With your personal care – for example getting dressed, eating or drinking, getting in and out of bed, bathing or showering and going to the toilet
    to stay safe.
  • You should also apply if you have difficulties with personal tasks, for example if they take you a long time, you experience pain or you need physical help, like a chair to lean on. It might help if you compare how you do the personal tasks now to how you used to do them.

Attendance Allowance isn’t just for people with a physical disability or illness. You should also claim if you need help or supervision throughout the day or night and have:

  • A mental health condition
  • Learning difficulties
  • A sensory condition – for example if you’re deaf or blind
  • Special rules apply if you’re terminally ill. Read more about applying for Attendance Allowance if you’re terminally ill by


How Can I Get Help With The Form?

If you need any help filling in the form, you can ask your local Age UK if they can help you so as to increase your chances of being awarded Attendance Allowance.

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