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Care and Support can help you to live more comfortably and independently. Getting help at the right time can help improve your quality of life and allow you to continue enjoying life, plan ahead and make choices that are right for you.

If you’re elderly, disabled or have an illness, you may be able to get care and support arranged by the IW council to help you live as normally as possible.

Sometimes the council will pay for all of your care needs, and sometimes you’ll need to contribute to this.

You could be eligible for help including:

  • adaptations to your home, for example a stair lift
  • money to arrange and pay for your own care
  • 24 hour care at a care home or a house with a care scheme


You’ll need to contact social services and ask them to carry out an assessment of your needs, known as a needs assessment. A carer, friend or relative can also ask for an assessment for you.

Start the process online

Or call First Response

The Assessment Process

Reablement – Short term support

Community Outreach provides short-term support (Reablement) to help people to recover and regain independence following an episode of illness or deterioration in their health.  This includes people being discharged from hospital needing and benefiting from short term support.  This approach aims to reduce, and ideally to avoid, the need for people to receive ongoing social care services.

The service is offered by the Outreach Teams based at the Adelaide and the Gouldings.

Short term Reablement support is also available for people with mental health needs from the Mental Health Outreach service.

Crisis Support

In the event of a crisis the Isle of Wight Council may be able to provide short term support to enable a person to stay in their own home.

If you are in crisis and require short term support please contact the First Response Team. If outside of office hours please call the Emergency Duty Team.

People Matter IW

People Matter IW is the Island’s user-led organisation.  Its primary aim is to support Island residents to shape, direct and manage the support and services they need to live the life they choose.  It provides information, advice and guidance on the many services available across the Island.  People Matter IW also operate an Independent Living Centre (ILC) which helps people to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible by providing information and advice and the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ across a wide range of aids and equipment.

Home Care Agencies provide domiciliary care ie care in your own home.

Social Services First Response: 01983 814980

Mental Health Outreach Service: 01983 293092

Emergency Duty Team: 01983 821105

NHS Choices


People Matter IW

Carers IW

The Adelaide

The Gouldings