Connect 4 Communities

(Updated 17/01/2022)

What is connect4communities?

The connect4communities programme manages a range of initiatives which aim to ensure that vulnerable families with children and individuals do not go without basic necessities such as food, fuel and warmth.

In collaboration with community partners, it is led by Hampshire County Council and Council and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and the Department for Education.

This winter the Household Support Fund has been distributed by Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to support households in the most need with food, energy and water bills. This fund is in operation from 6 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

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Please find below the community grants that have been awarded through the DWP Household Support Fund (connect4communities).

Chale Parish Council

Location: Chale Brief overview of project: Providing food parcels and a pop-up shop to the community, in addition to assisting those in fuel poverty with top-up vouchers. Grant awarded: £5,000

West Wight Timebank

Location: Newbridge Brief overview of project: Working with the Real Junk Food Project to supply short-shelf life and ambient food, fresh bread and homemade pickle / jam to local vulnerable families identified by other community organisations. Grant awarded: £950

Footprint Trust

Location:  Brief overview of project: Assisting vulnerable households and those in fuel poverty with the top-up of pre-pay meters, provision of energy-efficient white goods, essential household items to keep warm e.g. duvets, emergency heaters etc. and contributing towards the cost of solid fuel or LPG. Grant awarded: £45,000

Pan Together

Pan Together Location: Brief overview of project: Delivering meals to those in need and undertaking shopping on their behalf, where necessary. Focussing on families on the cusp of eligibility for Free School Meals and giving hot lunches to vulnerable adults. Prescription collection services also available. Grant awarded: £6,450

Association for Spina Bifida

Location: Ryde Brief overview of project: Benefitting families affected by the disability with food hampers, food vouchers and utility bills, warm clothes and bedding. Grant awarded: £12,740

Free Food Sandown

Location: Sandown Overview of project: A cooked Christmas meal was distributed to those in crisis on Christmas Eve, along with a food supermarket voucher ensuring food was available over the Christmas period. Grant awarded: £2500

Community Rail Partnership

Location: Sandown Brief overview of project: Delivering an increasing numbers of vulnerable families with food parcels, and a hot meal to isolated elderly individuals. Grant awarded: £41,479

YMCA Lodge

Location: Shanklin Brief overview of project: Supporting families they have worked with over the last year with heating, clothing or food items. Grant awarded: £1,100

Baby Box

Location: Ventnor Brief overview of project: Assisting vulnerable households on the with topping-up utility key meters, purchasing and distributing food, warm clothing, bedding and essential kitchen appliances. Grant awarded: £20,000

Ventnor Town Council

Location: Ventnor Brief overview of project: Providing co-op food vouchers in January and February to vulnerable households identified by local charity groups, and white goods / small household heating items to families identified by The Footprint Trust. A weekly Luncheon club will also be established over the winter months. Grant awarded: £17,900