Dance Schools & Classes:

Classical Ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, tap and modern dance are offered by a number of dance schools on the Island.

For an up to date list of dance schools on the visit

Opportunities for older adults are offered by Independent Arts:

is a social singing activity based on recognised music therapy, run by Independent Arts on the . It can help to improve your memory, breathing, speech, movement and confidence.
It’s great and an opportunity to get out and meet people. Refreshments are provided. Everyone welcome. Singing has been shown to help manage various long term conditions including dementia, cancer, respiratory and coronary illnesses as well as providing a boost to combat depression and other mental illnesses. SingAbout makes you feel good!
We include a variety of music including traditional rounds and rhymes, songs from the shows and musical hall favourites as well as popular music and rock and roll.

Our weekly, fortnightly and monthly sessions in towns across the are open to all. 

There are regular SingAbout groups at towns across the . for details.

is a gentle, creative dance programme. It can help to improve balance, coordination, muscle strength, memory and confidence. Suitable for all levels of mobility.

For more on dancemakers 

Theatre & Drama:

Theatre schools are exclusively for children and young people. Drama groups are often mixed groups for adults and children. Please see the links on the “Related Organisations” tab on the right for a list of up to date drama groups both nationally and locally.

The IW College also offers courses for those interested in the performing arts. For more information go to

IOW Carnival Groups:

There are a number of Island Carnival Groups. Please see the “Related Organisations” tab on the right.

Updated 10/08/2020