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Monitor your gas and electricity use
Your gas or electricity meter records how much energy you’ve used. Your energy supplier will need this when working out your bill. If you don’t give them regular readings of your meter they will estimate how much energy you have used, which may mean your bill might be too high.

It is your responsibility to take regular meter readings, not your energy supplier. Many people only ever submit a meter reading when they move in or out of a new home, but it is a good idea to give your supplier regular meter readings, for example four times a year.

You can then call your supplier and give them the meter reading so they don’t have to make an estimate for your bill.

For more information on how to read different types of energy meters visit the Citizens Advice website.

Smart meters

Smart meters are new energy meters that are gradually being introduced around the country. Existing gas and electricity meters only record how much energy you have used in total. As well as doing that, smart meters also identify when you used the energy, which can help you understand how much you’re using at different times.

Smart meters also send accurate meter readings to your energy supplier, so you won’t receive any more estimated bills or need manual meter readings.


LED lamps are now recommended.
Important to check that you are on the best deal with your current supplier or switch.
Keep heating at 18 to 21 degrees
Ask about Warm Home Discount.
Turn off lights when you don’t need them.
Only fill the kettle with the amount of water that is needed. Always switch electrical items off, don’t leave them on stand-by.
Always put a full load in the washing machine and try not to use a tumble dryer.
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