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How you can get involved

Listening to you:

The want to ensure that the way we engage with residents and patients on the Island and seek your views is meaningful, easy to follow and gives you every opportunity to get involved or have your say. By working with our communities, patients and carers we can make sure that we commission high quality, value for money health services for local people, based on patient experience and local feedback.

You can get involved by:

  • Joining the Patient Participation Group at your GP Practice
  • Telling us your ideas and comments using our 
  • Telling us what you think of our website
  • Attending our Partnership Board meetings
  • Or you can stay informed, including finding out details of engagement opportunities, by following us on 

Using your feedback:

The use your feedback to change how we do things. For examples of what we have done visit our

Seeking your views:

The want you to get involved and influence your local health services.  As a CCG, putting the public, patients and carers at the centre of our plans and getting your input is very important. You can read more about that here – .

When seeking your views our aim is to ensure that our engagement work is:

PROFESSIONAL We will be open and honest when communicating with our communities, partners, patients and staff,
MEANINGFUL What we communicate will be simple to follow and will enable you to voice your views, needs and wishes and contribute to plans, proposals and decisions about services
INVOLVING We will seek to provide opportunities for member practices, the wider clinical community, our Island residents and communities, our partners and staff to be involved in the engagement work that we undertake.
INCLUSIVE Our aim is to ensure that we are inclusive and that we appropriately seek views from all sections of our community
ACCOUNTABLE We will demonstrate how the feedback we have received has contributed to the decisions that we make.

When major plans are being considered in the way services are being delivered we want to hear what you have to say so that your views are integral in helping us make those decisions.

Supporting you to get involved

We want to ensure we are able to give you the right help and support if you decide you want to get involved in the development of local health services. Members of the public and service users help us in all sorts of different ways, sometimes directly and sometimes through (see below) who can also provide many different support options. Find out more on our  page.


What can we do better?

The are always keen to learn how we can improve in the way we engage with individuals, groups and communities. We try to work closely with HealthWatch in doing this but we are aware there will be more that we can do. If you have any views please let us know .

We recognise that our local communities are diverse with a range of needs and backgrounds. To support local people to get involved we can offer translation and interpretation services including providing our information in alternative formats, on request, to ensure it is  to everyone.

We also invite people to share information about themselves, such as gender, ethnic background, sexuality and if they have any disabilities, so we can develop our engagement approach to ensure that people from all backgrounds are able to take part and share their views.


 is the consumer champion for health and social care. You can tell them what’s going on in health and care services where you live. Telling them what you want, what you like and dislike means they can tell services about your experiences of health and care and hold them to account.

For more information visit our HealthWatch Page

Updated 25/08/2021