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AgeUK’s Good Neighbour Scheme may be able to link you to a volunteer who can help you with shopping. Their Just About You service is a paid for service that can offer help with a range of domestic chores.

If you have mobility problems and find it difficult to walk around the shops, you may find it helpful to visit Shopmobility and hire a mobility scooter. They offer short and long term hire and a variety of training sessions.

You may find voluntary & community transport offer further options of how to get to the shops, should you need help.

Shopping Online

Shopping online is one of the most popular uses of the Internet. You can buy almost anything online, without having to leave your own home. Goods are often cheaper when you buy online, although you may have to pay a delivery charge.

All of the major retailers and supermarkets have online shopping websites, as well as lots of small businesses. Auction websites, such as eBay sell new and second-hand items.

All reputable online retailers will have security measures to protect you from any risk of fraud.

‘How to pay for things online’ is a short video from BBC WebWise which you might find helpful.