How To Book or Manage Your Covid-19 Booster Vaccine

People aged 40 years and over, health and social care workers and younger people at risk are being offered a booster dose of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. You can book online, or call 119 (select option 2) to make an appointment to have your booster.

Who can use this service:

You can use this service to book an appointment for a booster dose if it’s been 152 days (5 months) since your 2nd dose and you’re in one of these groups:

You’ll be offered appointment dates from 182 days (6 months) after the date of your 2nd dose.

About booking your booster:

You need to book 1 appointment for 1 booster dose.
If you’re eligible for a booster dose and you’ve had a positive COVID-19 test, you need to wait 4 weeks (28 days) before getting a booster dose. This starts from the date you had symptoms, or the date of the positive test if you did not have any symptoms.

(Updated 24/11/2021)