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What is PIP

PIP is a benefit for people aged between 16 and 64 who because of long-term illness or disability need help with daily living activities and/or getting around.

PIP does not depend on NI contributions, is not affected by your income or savings, and is paid on top of most other benefits or pensions. It is payable whether you work or not and is not taxable.

It does not matter whether you live alone or with other people, nor whether you have a carer or other help. Awards are based solely on whether you satisfy the conditions. You do not have to spend it on paying for care, although your local authority may take it into account when assessing whether, and how much, you need to pay for care services you do receive.

Who qualifies for PIP?

To qualify for PIP you must:

  •   not receive DLA (unless you are being reassessed for transfer to PIP from DLA)
  •   not be entitled to Armed Forces Independence Payment
  •   need help with daily living activities and/or mobility
  •   aged 16 or over and under 65 when you first claim

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