Pets can be great to have around the home. They can provide companionship, fun and comfort. However, owning a pet can be a big responsibility. They need to be cared for properly. Before you buy, there are things you need to think about such as whether you have suitable accommodation or what you’ll do with the pet when you’re away.

Pets also incur a number of expenses including insurance, vet bills, grooming, kennels & catteries. For more information on possible costs visit

Which puppy is right for you?

If you’ve been considering re-homing or buying a puppy, remember the long-term commitment you’ll be making. Please consider these important things before you begin looking for a puppy or dog.

Make sure the puppy will be happy where you live:

  • Does your home have the space needed for a puppy or a dog?
  • Will the puppies you’ve been admiring have a garden or outside space to play in?

Are you ready to commit the time a puppy needs?

Puppies need exercise, training, play and company. However, different breeds of puppy need different amounts. Does your lifestyle mean you can offer an active dog breed the time they’ll need?

Consider too, how much grooming a puppy needs. Long-haired puppies may need lots more time to groom.

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Buying a cat? Why you should adopt from Cats Protection instead:

Our centres are full of cats and kittens seeking a permanent home – in fact, in 2018, we homed 41,000 cats. We aim to encourage potential owners to consider adopting from us or other welfare organisations to ensure all cats have the opportunity to be homed.

For your local cats protection please visit

Illegal Trade in Pets:

If you buy a pet dog or cat, it’s important that you make checks to help combat the illegal trade in pet animals.

For more on this go to

For some great tips on selecting the right puppy for you, watch the video below:

Updated 11/08/2020