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Staying at work 

If you decide to stay in your current employment, you may want to consider making some changes to your current arrangements, such as reducing your working hours, flexible working arrangements, or a different role.

It’s important to balance your work and home life. The right to ask for flexible working is there to help employers and workers to agree on work patterns that suit everyone.

Common types of flexible working are:

Part-time – working less than the normal hours, perhaps by working fewer days per week

Flexi-time – choosing when to work (there’s usually a core period during which you have to work)

Annualised hours – your hours are worked out over a year (often set shifts with you deciding when to work the other hours)

Compressed hours – working your agreed hours over fewer days

Staggered hours – different starting, break and finishing times for employees in the same workplace

Job-sharing – sharing a job designed for one person with someone else

Home working – working from home

You can combine any of these working patterns to come up with something to suit your circumstances.

Anyone can ask their employer for flexible work arrangements and your employer must seriously consider any application you make. However they don’t have to agree to it if there’s a good business reason not to. You have the right to ask for flexible working; not the right to have it.