Mountbatten Hospice:

Hospice care is appropriate for anyone who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

No longer do hospices only care for people when they are at the very end of their lives.

As well as being there for the last hours and days of life, we now can offer more flexible support sooner in your illness. Your GP or other health professional can refer you to our services when you are thought to have five or fewer years to live.

This means we are able to better understand your future needs and how we can support you to live as well as possible for the time you have.

Advance Care Plan:

Advance care planning can be done whether you are in good health or not, in anticipation of a time in the future when you may lose capacity and be unable to communicate.   None of us are immune from illness, an unpredictable medical incident or an unexpected accident, which in some cases could result in a loss of capacity or the ability to speak up for ourselves.

Although planning is a normal part of life, planning ahead for illness, dying and death might seem a very difficult topic to think about.  You may find other people are resistant to the idea, feeling it is not the right time, too upsetting or ‘morbid’.  However, planning ahead in this way can be very positive and empowering; an Advance Care Plan can help to ensure that you continue to have an influence over decisions that may need to be made about your care and treatment, even if you cannot speak up for yourself.  Additionally, your family or carers will be spared from having to guess what you would have wanted and can speak up with confidence on your behalf.

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Get benefits if you’re terminally ill:

If you’re living with a terminal illness and your doctor or a medical professional has said you might have less than 6 months to live, you may:

  • get benefits at a higher rate or get extra money
  • start getting payments quicker than usual

This is sometimes called ‘special rules’.

If you live longer than 6 months following your claim, your benefits will continue but your claim may be reviewed after 3 years.

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Published 25/08/2021