The has a number of voluntary car services and community transport schemes. Some are very specific to particular user groups and others are very local. You may like to contact your local parish council to ask what services are available in your area.

Optio Voluntary Car Service:

is a membership scheme for the elderly and frail which operates with volunteer drivers using their own vehicles to take passengers to pre-booked destinations. These are often for medical appointments, but can also be for other reasons.This service is run by Community Action IW and its main office is based at Riverside in .

Wessex Cancer Trust :

offer some transportation options to help people attend hospital appointments. If you need to get to a hospital appointment please get in touch and one of their volunteer drivers might be able to help you out.

They also run a mini bus service from the Red Jet Ferry crossing to Southampton General Hospital and Ocean Village specifically for people coming over to the hospital from the and Channel Islands. You don’t need to book a space on this bus just show up with your appointment card.

FYT Bus:


FYTbus is a friendly local bus service getting you to where you want to be in Freshwater, Yarmouth and Totland.

The FYT Bus links up with ferry and mainstream bus routes to provide you with a joined up service getting you right to your destination. They carry a passenger assistant as well as a driver on their minibuses so they can help passengers with bags on and off, help with directions and just chat, if you want to. Catch them at regular bus stops or just hail them and they will stop for you.

You can even phone the bus and we will make sure to pick you up. We also run excursions to popular island venues and our minibuses are available for private excursions for members of the community outside our scheduled service times.

Special Service Routes also available including Shopping Trips and event shuttles.

John’s Club:


John’s Club owns four mini buses ranging from 10-16 passenger seats and including wheelchair access. Driven by volunteers, the buses are used to transport members around the Island and the Mainland. They are also used for yearly trips and holidays. In addition, they are used to help transport other organisations members. The minibuses are available for use by any non-profit making organisation for a small donation. Drivers are available and they can be booked for a day or a week. For more information please call our office on .

Age UK Good Neighbour Scheme:

is built of volunteers working within every community on the . These volunteers provide low-level support, helping with tasks such as outings or shopping and transport to medical appointments. For outings and transport requests a small mileage fee will be payable to cover expenses.

Updated 24/08/2021