If your neighbour’s behaviour is classed as ‘anti social’ there are steps you can take to stop it happening. It’s likely to be anti social behaviour if it causes ‘nuisance and annoyance’. This could be, for example, if they:

  • make a lot of noise
  • dump rubbish
  • write graffiti
  • have a dog that barks a lot or causes trouble
  • use your garden without permission
  • harass you because of religion, race, gender, disability or another characteristic

It isn’t anti social behaviour if the problem’s about normal day-to-day living, for example if you don’t like your neighbour’s cooking smells or you can hear their baby crying. The only way to solve these problems is by talking to your neighbour to try and agree a compromise.

If you’re not sure whether your neighbour’s behaviour is anti social, you can talk it through with an adviser at your 

Report the anti social behaviour:

If you know your neighbour is renting and who from, talk to their landlord first – this might be a private landlord, housing association or the council.

If that doesn’t sort out the problem you can go to the council if you haven’t already talked to them. Check their website for how to complain about anti social behaviour.

You can go straight to the council if:

  • you don’t know whether your neighbour rents or owns
  • they rent but you don’t know who from
  • they own their home

Contact for more information

What to say when you report it:

Give your neighbour’s address and their name if you know it. When you describe the problem, say:

  • how often it happens
  • how it’s affecting you
  • what you’ve done to try and solve it
  • who else you’ve reported it to

If you’ve been collecting evidence about the problem, offer to send a copy.

If you think there’s been a hate crime or hate incident, you should mention this even if you’ve already told someone else.

Ask when you’ll hear back and what to do if the problem gets worse.

If you report the problem by phone, make a note of the date and time you call and write down the name of the person you spoke to. You might need these details if you take the problem further.

For more information visit our pages Hate Crime and Problems With Your Neighbours

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